The objectives of the III cell are as follows:

Arrange lectures & presentations from industry experts.

  • Organize seminars. Faculty can share their research with the industry.
  • Faculty visit to companies to share their research work and interest.
  • Seek participation in course / project work from industry.
  • M Tech & PhD projects from Industry with Joint guidance
  • Industry sponsored M Tech / PhD
  • Special courses taught by Professionals from Industry.
  • Joint Review committees for yearly syllabus review with Industry participation
  • Research collaborations with industry and other Institutes.
  • Industry sponsored and named Labs.
  • Joint research with other institutes.
  • Part time / On-line M Tech for working engineers.
  • Short term assignments in industry/ consultancy for Faculty members.
  • Job Shadow program for Faculty / Students.
  • Industry visits / tours for Faculty and Students.
  • Faculty exchange program with other Institutes.