Notifications for B.Tech. Admissions (Session 2022-23).|MNNIT Allahabad is ranked among Top 10 CFTIs / Central University / Institute of National Importance (Technical) in Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements 2021 (ARIIA).| Institutions' Innovation Council, MNNIT Allahabad awarded Four [4] Star Ranking by Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell (MIC) and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

Lab facilities available in the department:

1. Mass Transfer laboratory

  •  Bubble Cap Distillation Column
  •  Forced Draft Tray Drier
  •  Vapour -Liquid Equilibrium
  •  Diffusion of an Organic Vapour in Air
  •  Adsorption in Packed Bed
  •  Swenson-Waker Crystallizer
  •  Steam Distillation Unit
  •  Water Cooling Tower

2. Chemical Technology laboratory

  •  Bomb Calorimeter
  •  Pensky Martin Flash point Apparatus
  •  Clereland's Flash and Fire point Apparatus
  •  Muffle Furnace
  •  Distillation Unit

3. Environmental laboratory

  •  Flocculation test Unit
  •  Aeration Unit
  •  Elutriator
  •  Orbital shaking Incubator cum BOD incubator
  •  Turbiditymeter
  •  DO Meter
  •  Vortex Shaker
  •  Vacuum cum pressure pump

4. Process Dynamics & Control laboratory

  •  Cascade Control Trainer
  •  Two Tank Interacting System
  •  Two Tank Non Interacting System
  •  I to P and P to I trainer kit
  •  Dynamic Behaviour of First Order System in Series
  •  Control Valve Characteristics

5. FFM laboratory

  •  Plate And Frame Filter Press
  •  Sedimentation Apparatus
  •  Vibrating Screen
  •  Hammer mill Pulverizer

6. Chemical Reaction Engineering laboratory

  •  Isothermal Batch Reactor With Air Compressor
  •  PIsothermal Plug Flow Reactor
  •  Semi Batch Reactor
  •  Combined CSTR and PFR
  •  RTD Studies in CSTR
  •  RTD Studies in Packed Bed Reactor
  •  Hydrodynamics of Trickle Bed Reactor
  •  Plug Flow and Tubular Reactor with Air Compressor
  • CSTRs in Series with Air Compressor