Geoinformatics laboratory has infrastructure facilities for carrying out research work in the field of GIS, Remote Sensing, GPS and Photogrammetry.

O.C. (Geoinformatics Laboratory)        : Dr. R.D. Gupta

Details of Major Facilities:


Instruments/ Software

Make/ Model

GIS Software

Arc GIS,

GeoMedia Professional

Satellite Image Processing

Erdas Imagine 2010

LPS 2010

Web Server for Geospatial Applications

Erdas Apollo 2010

Hand held GPS with Palm top and ArcPad software

Leica GS-5

GIS cum Image Processing software


Pentium IV PC with 17” TFT screen


Laser Printer, Scanner, Deskjet Printer


Single Frequency Professional Grade Hand held GPS (6 Nos.)

The purchase process is ongoing.

Centralized Facilities (through TEQIP) available in the field of Geoinformatics in the Institute:


Make/ Model

A0 size color printer


A0 size color scanner


GIS software

Arc GIS 9.1

For more information, please contact: Prof. R.D. Gupta, OC Lab.