Department of Humanities and social Sciences is successfully running its courses since the beginning of the Institute. The Department has organized many short term courses and workshops for the integrated personality development of engineering students. In the academic year 2005-06 the Department introduced a new course ‘Communication Skill Workshop’ which is focused on the student’s communicative and presentation ability. In recent academic year 2006-07, HSS has got senate approval for launching a Post Graduate course “Master of Social Work” from the academic year 2008-09.

Now, the Department is positioned to expand itself in various ways.

Department of Humanities and Social sciences proposes following Academic and Financial Plans for the year plan of 2007-08.

Academic Plans:

1.      Launching a Master Degree level course (Master of Social Work) from
academic year 2008-09

2.      Sponsored Research Projects

3.      Sponsored Seminar/Workshop

4.       International Collaboration for Research and Knowledge Sharing