Notifications for B.Tech. Admissions (Session 2022-23).|MNNIT Allahabad is ranked among Top 10 CFTIs / Central University / Institute of National Importance (Technical) in Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements 2021 (ARIIA).| Institutions' Innovation Council, MNNIT Allahabad awarded Four [4] Star Ranking by Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell (MIC) and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)




This Laboratory has the following equipments/sets/ instruments to provide necessary basis for experimentations in control system studies for UG students:

  • UNESCO Equipments: some important ones are as follows:
  • D.C.Servo system type ES150&ES130
  • Synchro-pair Transmitter-receiver sets
  • Potentiometer error Detector set
  • Linear System Simulator set
  • Relay control system set
  • Assembled PCs for contol system experimental studies.
  • Solar Photo Voltaic Panels for solar energy based contol system studies
  • Philips Oscilloscope,15 MHz
  • Few Digital multimeters,Function Generators,&Electrical Power supplies,etc.


This Laboratory used presently by UG students consists of:

  • semiconductor Devices:UJT,SCR,Triac,Diacs,etc
  • Experimental Modules:Converters,Inverters,Choppers,Cycloconverters,Dual converters,etc
  • A host of dicrete components for designing hardware set ups
  • Conventional &Advanced Equipments: Storage CRO,IC Tester,Function Generators, Microprocessor kits,
  • Pentium III computers, etc
  • Software Packages:PSPICE,ISPICE,MATLAB,etc
  • Upgradation in progress


This Laboratory provides a central facility to students,faculty and staff of the department with the following features

  • Several state of art PC 
  • Several dot matrix printers
  • LAN-all the computers are on the local area network
  • A Linux based file and print Server
  • Simulation experiment coded in FORTRAN-77,C,C++
  • MATLAB Demo version
  • Under Extensive renovation (at present)


This laboratory is equipped with various trainers, recorders &other calibrating& testing equipments. Few of them are as follows:

  • Lcr bridge
  • Process control simulator
  • Process trainer
  • Temperature measurement trainer
  • PC based Multi process control and instrumentation trainer
  • Microprocessor trainer kits
  • Educational microprocessor based PLC trainer
  • Dual trace oscilloscope 
  • Storage type oscilloscope
  • Digital IC tester


This Laboratory provides the necessary components and devices for the fabrication of the hardware projects of both UG and PG students. Following are the list of important components available in the project Laboratory:

  • Bread boards: Different specifications.
  • IC 's : Analog IC's, Digital IC's, Microprocessor IC's, IC bases and sockets.
  • Semiconductor Components: Transistors, Diodes, Zener diodes, SCR's, Tunnel diodes, Op- Amps, Phototransistors etc.
  • Digital Components: Counters, Schimmitt triggers, Decoders, Digital clock etc.
  • Display devices: LED's, LCD's, Nixie Tube, Seven segmental devices etc.
  • Switching Devices : Toggle, bend and rotory switches, relays etc.
  • Capacitors: Different ratings of paper, polyester, Electrolytic Capacitors.
  • Resistors: Different ratings of Carbon, Wire wound resistors, presets, pots., etc.
  • Transformers: Different ratings of Transformers and cores.
  • Supporting Instruments: Different ratings of soldering iron, handrill, hacksaw, pliers, Tweezers, Testers, Sandpaper, Rolls of enameled wires, copper Wires and flexible wires etc.


The laboratory caters to the needs of Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, mechanical and Production Engineering students. It has many facilities.

  • A large motor generator set to supply d.c. power.
  • Alternator-D.C.motor set 2 no.
  • Synchornous motor -d.c. generator sets 5 no.
  • D.C. series motor.
  • 3-Phase Induction motors(both slip ring and cage type).
  • Single phase Induction motors.
  • Transformers.
  • Various starters for d.c. and a.c. motors.
  • Various loading arrangements for d.c. and a.c. motors.


The department has the facility for testing and caliberation of the following Instruments/Equipments.

  • Voltmeters
  • Ammeters.
  • Wattmeters.
  • Energymeters(Single Phase).
  • Insulation Testing of cable.