The department is committed to offer a solid foundation in both theoretical and applied aspects of chemical engineering. Our research interest lies in many cutting-edge technology areas. The faculty members are continuously looking into novel problems in their research expertise, and appreciate any collaboration from Industry and government agencies for a joint research programme. The Department currently has 7 PhD research scholars working on advanced areas of chemical engineering.

The research interests of the department include:

1.      Advance Separation processes

2.      Convective heat transfer

3.      Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer

4.      Chemical Reaction Engineering

5.      Process Modeling and Simulation

6.      Computational Fluid Dynamics

7.      Boiling & condensation.

8.      Process Control & Optimization

9.      Membrane Separation

10.    Polymer Technology

11.    Environmental Engineering

12.    Industrial Waste treatment & recycle

13.    Industrial Pollution abatement

14.    Hydrocarbon Engineering

15.    Catalytic reactions

16.    Nanotechnology

17.    CAD of Process Equipment.

F       Food Technology and Colloid Science.