Solar Energy Materials, Solid State Gas Sensors, Nanostructured Thin Films, Functional Oxide Nanomaterials, Carrier Transport in Thin Films, Energy Storage Devices, Supercapacitor, Magnetic and Multiferroic materials, Laser Produced Plasmas and Pulsed laser Deposition, Graphene, Graphene Quantum Dots, Graphene-metal Oxide Composites, Charge Storage and Photo-catalytic Materials, Spin Transport Technologies, Spin-orbit torque Devices, Sustainable Electronics, Ferroelectric-Photovoltaics and Photodetection, Resistive Switching, Nano-Magnetism, Spin Wave Generation and Detection, Ultrafast Linear and Non-linear Spin Dynamics, Nanophosphors, Latent Fingerprint Imaging, Anti-counterfeiting, Security Inks, Thin Film Epitaxy, Memory Devices



Dynamics of Nonlinear and Damped Systems, Symmetry and Integrability, Fractal and Multi-Fractal Analysis, Quantum Computing: Entanglement Dynamics, Designing and Simulation of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Peroveskite Materials for Solar Cell Applications Density Functional Theory (DFT) Studies on Molecular Association, Quantum Chaos, Random Matrix, Embedded Ensembles, Dissipative/Open Quantum Systems, Nonlinear Dynamics & Complex Systems, Quantum entanglement, Out-of-time-order-correlators, Astroparticle Physics, Cosmology, High Energy Physics