M.Tech/M.B.A. (Part-Time) programmers are run under the school for Non Formal and Continuing Education (SNFCE). These programmes are of 03 years/06 semester duration out of which 02 years are for course work and one year for Thesis/Dissertation/Projects. These courses are offered to working professionals who are working in and around Allahabad city. The candidates with minimum 02 Years of working experience are eligible for admission. All academic requirements for admission and graduation will be same as that of regular/full-time M.Tech/M.B.A. programme described in Institute PG Manual.

Following departments offer M.Tech/M.B.A. (Part-Time) programmes as per specialization given below.


1. Civil Engineering

  • Structural Engineering

  • Geotechnical Engineering

  •  Environmental Engineering


2. Computer Science and Engineering

  • Software Engineering

3. Electrical Engineering

  • Power Electronics and ASIC Design

  • Control and Instrumentation


4. Electronics & Communication Engineering

  • Digital Systems

5. Mechanical Engineering

  • Production Engineering