About the Department

The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering came into its independent existence in year 1996.  Prior to this it was an integral part of combined Electrical Engineering Department.  B. Tech. Programme in Electronics Engineering started in 1982 as a part of Electrical Engineering Department.

The Electronics and Communication Engineering Department offers one undergraduate programme (B.Tech.) in Electronics and Communication Engineering and three postgraduate programmes (M. Tech.), in Digital System, Microelectronics & VLSI Design and Communication Systems. Besides this, the department is also Govt. of India sponsored QIP (Quality Improvement Program) centre for M.Tech and Ph.D programs. The Department has highly qualified and competent faculty members in the areas of Digital Signal Processing, Analog & Digital Circuit Design, Data Communications & Networking, Mobile & Wireless communications, High Speed Networks, Optical Communication, VLSI & Microelectronics and Microcontroller & Embedded system. Detail history of the department including date of introduction and number of seats of various programmes of study are as follows




B.Tech  in Electronics and Communication


Started with   40 seats in 1982

Intake increased to   90 seats in 2006-07

Intake increased to   120  seats in 2009-10

Intake increased to   138 seats + 15% (DASA) seats in 2010-11


M. Tech  in Electronics Engineering


1.Digital System



2.  Microelectronics and VLSI Design


3.Communication System


Started with 13 seats +05 sponsored seats in July 1999. The current intake is 20 seats +05 sponsored seats.    


Started with 13 seats +05 sponsored seats in July 2007. The current intake is 20 seats +05 sponsored seats.   



Started 20 seats +05 sponsored seats in July 2011.  




MISSION and Vision 


Program Educational Objectives