RF/ DC sputtering System(Hind Hivac Systems)


Sputter deposition is a physical vapor deposition process for depositing thin films, sputtering means ejecting material from a target and depositing it on a substrate such as a silicon wafer.

The target is the source material. Substrates are placed in a vacuum chamber and are pumped down to a prescribed process pressure. Sputtering starts when a negative charge is applied to the target material causing a plasma or glow discharge. Positive charged gas ions generated in the plasma region are attracted to the negatively biased target plate at a very high speed. This collision creates a momentum transfer and ejects atomic size particles form the target. These particles are deposited as a thin film into the surface of the substrates.

Depending on the target material either RF or DC sputtering may be used.

During the sputtering process, the target material, substrate, and RF electrodes begin in a vacuum chamber. Next, the inert gas, which is usually argon, neon, or krypton, depending on the size of the target material’s molecules, is directed into the chamber. The RF power source is then turned on, sending radio waves through the plasma to ionize the gas atoms. Once the ions begin to contact the target material, it is broken into small pieces that travel to the substrate and begin to form a coating.


The HHV make RF/DC magnetron sputtering unit in CIR lab provides complete coating solutions for the deposition of both metal and insulator on substrates providing a high level of control and uniformity.

RF/DC magnetron sputtering unit consist of turbo pumped vacuum coater with following major components:

·        Vacuum system and chamber

·        Turbo molecular pump with controller

·        Water cooled stainless steel chamber and door

·        Edwards rotary pump

·        2 angstrom science flex head magnetrons

·        2 in 1 out RF/ DC source selector switch

·        3 inch work holder with substrate heater

·        Temperature controller

·        Triple mass flow controller for Ar, N2, O2 with isolation valves and filters

·        Makarala 2 kW DC power supply

·        Seren 600W RF power supply

·        Etc..