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Innovative Research Projects

Following Innovative Research Projects sanctioned to students of UG, PG and Research Scholars of the Institute under the various Faculty Members (Project Investigator) of the Engineering Departments to promote the research activities under TEQIP-II.

List of students gone for summer training

Table 1: Office Order No. 164/R&C/13-14 Dated 25-09-2013

S. N. Name of the faculty members Project/Thesis Title Name & Reg. No of students Sanctioned Amount (`)
1 Dr. A.R.Paul, AMD Ph.D Thesis on Wall Shear Strees Investigation in Air-intakes Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta,(2013RAM01) 2,00,000.00
2 Prof.K.M.Gupta, AMD M.Tech Thesis on Fabrication & Characterisation of Bio-composites using the Fibre-Grewia Optiva Mr. Kishor Kalauni,(2012MT05) 18,850.00
M.Tech Thesis on Fabrication & Characterisation of Human hair and polypropylene composites Mr. Sanjeev Kumar (2012MT05) 15,950.00
M.Tech Thesis on Fabrication & Characterisation of Hybrid composites using Banana fibres and Banana leaf, with Epoxy matrix Mr. Saurabh Kumar 17,950.00
3 Dr.S.J.Pawar, AMD M.Tech Thesis on Modeling & simulation of acoustic perfomance of room Mr. Amit Kumar Singh Chauhan,(2012MT17) 77,000.00
M.Tech Thesis on Fabrication & Characterisation on Banana fibre reinforced composite Ms.Ujjwala Pandey,(2013MT01) 96,000.00
Ph.D Thesis on Fabrication , testing and simulation of Glass-Polymer film laminated hybrid composite Mr. Ajitanshu Vedrtnam,(2013RAM04) 1,18,000.00
4 Prof. Anuj Jain AMD M.Tech Thesis on Synthesis & Characterisation of ferrite Mr. Kaushal Vaishnav,(2012MT13) 48,000.00
Ph.D Thesis on Studies on ferrite based circulators Mr.Zeeshan Vakil,(2009RAM01) 1,46,500.00
5 Dr.V.Murari, AMD M.Tech Thesis on Characterisation of fracture toughness of sandwich Mr. Saood Ali,(2012MT09) 1,10,500.00
M.Tech Thesis on Miniaturization of test specimen of composites Mr. Avanesh,(2012MT04) 1,00,000.00
6 Dr.R.P.Tewari, AMD M.Tech Thesis on Bio-Meterials,Design & Development of low cost Lumber Spine Implant Ms. Namrata,(2012MT06) 1,91,550.00
M.Tech Thesis on Design of low cost Force Plate for Gait Studies Ms. G. Ravali, (2012BM04) 73,600.00
Total 12,13,900.00
7 Dr.Shivesh Sharma, BTD B.Tech project on To increase efficacy of wastewater treatment process using algea Mr. Anupam Agarwal (20100091) andMr. Solving Kumar Singh (20100039) 37,000.00
M.Tech Thesis on Study of rhizospheric interaction for sustainable agriculture Mr. Shobhit Verma,(2012BT10) 1,12,000.00
8 Dr.Anjana Pandey, BTD B.Tech project on Amplification of fdhF/hyd-A gene and over expression in suitable microbial strain for increased hydrogen production Ms. Swikriti Saran (20100081) and Mr.Prabhat Kumar,(20100053) 40,000.00
M.Tech Thesis on Study of biochemical and molecular marker under biotic and abiotic Ms. Alka Kumari(2012BT06) M.Tech 40,000.00
9 Dr.N.K.Singh BTD B.Tech project on Genetic transformatio and mutaion in plnat for industrial application Ms. Meghna Shah, and Mr. Akash Kumar 50,000.00
M. Tech Thesis on study to degree and direction of mutation frequency for genetic variabillity and quality improvement Basmati Rice Ms. Deepa Sachan (2012BT07) 75,000.00
10 Dr. A. K. Rai, BTD B. Tech project on assesment of parasiticidal activity of Agave sislana (Ramban) on L. donavani Mr. Dinesh Kumar Jaiswal (20100090) & Mr. Alok Singh (20100093) 37,000.00
M. Tech Thesis on Study to determine pathway (S) involved in supperssion of cytokine signalling among microphages infected with L. Donovani Mr. Adarsh Kumar Chiranjivi (2012BT02) 37,000.00
11 Dr. Vishnu Agarwal BTD B. Tech project on prevention of microbile biofilms using nano-praticle mediated drug delivery Mr. Rajneesh Pratap Singh (20100078) and Mr. Avaneesh Kumar (20100075) 52,387.00
M. Tech Thesis on inhibition of bacterial quorum sensing using herbal oils and efficacy of sinnamon against bacterial quorum sensing biofilm formation Mr. Vivek Kumar Yadav (2012BT03) and Mr. Sharad Yadav (2012BT12) 58,400.00
12 Dr. Seema Nara, BTD B. Tech project on validation of immunochromatographic strip test for bacterial detection in water samples Mohd. Zeeshan (20100084) and Mr. Prashan Kumar Pal (20100015) 38,700.00
M. Tech. Thesis on toxicity assesment of gold nanotubes synthesized using biological method and “Toxicity assesment of gold nanotubes synthesized using chemical method Mr. B. Navyatha (2012BT13) and Mr. Randheer Kumar (2012BT05) 74,000.00
13 Dr. Sameer Srivastava, BTD B. Tech project on Expression analysis of abiotic stress induced genes from low phytic acid producing rice M3 lines Mr. Divyanshu Srivastava and Mr. Deepak Kumar 35,500.00
M. Tech Thesis on Heterologous Expression of phenylpropaniod biosynthetic pathway genes in E.coli Mr. Khekali H. Awami (2012BT08) 38,500.00
14 Dr. Manisha Sachan, BTD B. Tech project on Expression analysis of denovo and maintenance methyalases genes during mammalian development Mr. Upendra Kumar Yadav (20100027) and Ms. Priyanka Gond (20100094) 82,000.00
M. Tech Thesis on genetic and epigenetic studies of survivin genes in ovarian cancer in Indian Population Mr. Aditya Kanwal (2012BT09) 78,000.00
15. Dr. Sanjay Kumar, BTD M.Tech. Thesis on Influence of electrode materials on bio electricity generations from microbial fuels cells Mr. Krishan H.Bhartdwaj (2012BT11) 75,000.00
16. Dr. Radha Rani, BTD B.Tech.project on Isolation and generations Mr. Ajay Singh Yadav and Mr. Parth Gupta 50,000.00
M.Tech. Thesis on Isolation and Characterization of macro-organisms from mining areas for their potential application in eco-restoration of mine dumps Mr. Abhay Partap Singh (2012BT01) 50,000.00
17. Dr. Ashotosh Mani, BTD B.Tech.project on Isolation, cloning and sequencing of cold shock protein from chickpea Ms. Devika Mathur,Mr. Rishij Agarwal and Mr. Raj Kumar Meena 37,500.00
M.Tech. Thesis on Characterization cold shock protein in chickpea by nucleic acid binding studies Ms. Pratibha Bhadauria(2012BT04) 37,500.00
18. Dr.Sangeeta Negi, BTD M.Tech. Thesis on process Development for the Biosurfactant production from locally isolated microbes Ms. Gunjan Gautam (2012BT14) 74.989.00


19. Dr. Arvind Kumar ECED B.Tech. project on Prototype model design for anti-collision transport system Dr. Sushil Pratap Bharti (20105145), Ms.Vertika Kuswaha (20105060)Mr. Suraj. Mahto (20105143) 1,22,900.00


20. Prof. Ravindra K. Singh, EED M.Tech. Thesis on design of switched reluctance Motor Mr. Naveed Suhail (2010PE06) 1,26,000.00
21. Prof R. K. Triphati, EED Ph.D. Thesis on switched reluctance Motor Drive for Electric Vehicle Application Mr. Jhumar Lal Beniwal (2010REE04) 1,50,000.00
Ph.D. Thesis on Modleing and Controller design for CSC based STATCOM Mr. Sandeep Gupta (2010REE51) 1,00,000.00
Ph.D. Thesis on Stand-alone DFIG based wind energy conversion system Mr. Rishibah Dev Shukla (2009REE08) 1,00,000.00
22. Dr. Rajesh. Gupta EED Ph.D. Thesis on Sliding mode control of switching power converters Mr. G.V.S.Satish Kumar (2011REE07) 2,00,000.00
23. Dr. Paulson Samuel EED Ph.D. Thesis on Implement ion of embedded controller for multilevel inverter Mr. Akbar.Ahmad (2013REE07) 2,05,000.00
24. Dr. S. R. Mohanty EED Ph.D. Thesis on Harmonic and inter Harmonic estimation and mitigation in wind power plants Mr. Sanjay Agarwal 2,03,000.00


25. Dr. M. Siraj Alam CHED B.Tech.project on Analysis of convective heat transfer rate with nanofluids on modified surface Ms. Gargi.Agrahari (20109058),
Mr.Yazdam Khan (20100045)
Mr.Harshit Arya(20109023)
Mr.Akshat Pancholi (20109044)
Ph.D. Thesis on Treatment of heavy metals from waste water using nanofibres Ms. Abhilasha Dixit (2011RCL01) 1,30,000.00
26. Dr. Sadhana Sachan CHED B.Tech.project on Removal of hazardous contaminants from industrial waste water through coagulants and electro coagulation Ms. Rubi Gupta (20100056),
Mr. Sachin Saurav (20109008),
Ms. Renu Singh (20100031)
Mr. Rishabh Singh (20109003)
Ph.D. Thesis on Synthesis and Characterization of polymer clay composite membranes Mr. Shailendra Kumar Panday (2010RCL01) 1,40,000.00
27. Dr. Ankur Gaur CHED Ph.D. Thesis on Role of Ionic liquids in Co2 capture from flue gas. Ms. Anju Kumari (2013RCL02) 2,00,000.00
28 Dr Sushil Kumar, CHED B.Tech project on recovery of Iso-nicotinic Acid from Aqueous solution Mr Sumat Kumar,
Mr Kishori Lal saini,
Mr Rohit kumar,
Mr Neeraj Kumar
Ph.D Thesis on Biochemical Nanoparticles for Targeted Drug Delivery Ms Tanvi Jain (2013RCL01) 1,90,000.00


29 Prof R.K. Srivastava, CED Ph.D Thesis on Land contamination : Risk Assessment & Remediation Ms Sneha Gupta (2013RCE01), Ph d 2,50,000.00
30 Prof R.P Singh, CED Ph.D Thesis on Land on Dynamics of pesticides Transport & its Toxicity in potato plant Ms Raginee Devi (2013RCE01) 2,50,000.00
31 Prof R.P Tiwari, CED Ph.D Thesis on Electrokinetic Remediation of cadmium contaminated soil Ms Arti Alok, (2007RCE04), Ph.D 1,00,000.00
32 Dr Varun Singh, CED B.Tech project on shortest pah analysis of the transport network using swarm optimization Mr Rupendra Kumar sharma (20100035)
Mr Shashank Upadhyay (20101019)
Mr Abhay Mishra (20109034)
Mr Sumit Kumar (20101078)


33 Prof P.K. Dutta, Chemistry Ph.D Thesis on Chitosan coated quantum dots for biomedical applications: synthesis, characterization and evaluation Mr Hridyesh Kumar (2010RCH05) 1,75,000.00
34 Prof N.D. Pandey Chemistry Ph.D Thesis on synthesis and characterization of modified metal alkoxides based on Ti, Sn, Nb, and Ta for corresponding metal oxides nanomaterials Ms Subia Ambreen (2010RCH06) 1,65,000.00
35 Prof S.S Narvi, Chemistry Ph.D Thesis on synthesis and characterization on organic – inorganic hybrid materials based on metal complexes and polyoxometalates Mr Shiva Arun (2010RCH53) 1,60,000.00
36 Dr G.K Mehrotra, Chemistry Ph.D Thesis on synthesis of MOF derived nanoporous carbon materials Ms Ekta Gupta (2013RCH01) 1,60,000.00
37 Dr Ashutosh Pandey, Chemistry Ph.D Thesis on microwave assisted synthesis of nano materials Ms Arti Chauhan (2013RCH52) 1,65,000.00
38 Dr Tamal Ghosh, Chemistry Ph.D Thesis on synthesis and recognition properties of sensors for charged analytes Mr Yadvendra Singh (2010RCH57) 1,60,000.00



Grand Total


Table-2 : Office Order No. 184./R&C/13-14 Dated 14-10-2013

S. N. Name of the faculty members Project/Thesis Title Name & Reg. No of students Sanctioned Amount (`)
1 Prof. R.k. Srivastav, MED B.Tech Project on to Design and install a micro wind turbine Mr Prateek Singh Chauhan(201030026) Mr Shivam Mishra(20103119) Mr Roopendra Chaurasia(20104037) Mr Rahul Ydav(20103012) Ms Kapila Elkaduwe 21,500.00
M.Tech Thesis on power harvesting from vibrational energy using piezoelectric material Mr Dew Deep Kumar Singh (2012DN09) 10,000.00
2 Prof. Vinod Yadav, MED B.Tech Project on development and experiment study of electrical discharge surface grinding Mr Sunil Kumar Gangwar (20103067Mr Sudhir Sahu (20103094)Shashank srivastava (20103117)Mr Rupesh Kumar Maharan (20103133)Mr Vaibhav Mishra (20103075) 49,900.00
M.Tech Thesis on Experimental of Travelling wire Electro chemical spark machining (TW-ECSM) of composite material Mr Mahendra Pratap (2011PTPR06) 16,700.00
Ph.d Thesis on Development and experimaental study of sinking electro chemical spark machining for Advanced Engineering materials Mr Vivek Kumar (2013RME10) 1,33,000.00
3 Prof. K.N. Pandey, MED Phd Thesis on Mmodelling and optimization of process parameters for thermal barrier coating with top coat by sol-gel technique Mr Dipak Kumar (2010RME03) 76,080.00
Ph.d Thesis on corroson fatigue of buried high pressure transportation pipelines under high and low Ph conditions Mr Rajendra Prasad Mishra (2010RME07) 74000.00
Ph D Thesis on Behaviour of dissimilar maerial welded by friction stir welding under cycle loading Mr Suresh Kumar Gupta(2010RME53) 30,000.00
4 Dr Rajeev Srivastava, MED B,Tech project on design and development of mechatronic controlled aircraft prototype Mr Shashank Shekhar (20103058)Mr Vinayak Tiwari (20101039)Mr Vikas Niranjan (20103074)Mr Usamah Babib (20104117) 1,00,410.00
M.Tech Thesis on development and studies of centrifugal casting setup Ms Kirti Kanaujiya (2012PR03) 56,000.00
Ph D Thesis on material modeling and fabrication of smart structures with piezoelectric patches Mr Samshul Haq (2012RME01)Mr Saurah Kumar (2010RM04) 72,000.00
5 Dr Audesh Nayaran, MED M.Tech Thesis on modeling and optimization of surface grinding process Mr Ramesh Kumar (2011PTRP02) 44,500.00
Ph D Thesis on development, modeling and optimization of micro EDM drilling process Mr Param singh(2013RME06) 97,500.00
6 Dr Rahul Dev, MED M.Tech Thesis on Design, Fabrication and performance of modified basin type multi wick solar desalination systems Mr Suresh Kumar (2012DN13) 92,380.00
7 Mr Binayak Nahak, MED M.Tech Thesis on Product characterization and stimulation of Alloy (Ti) using sheet hydro forming setup Mr Traun Bhardwaj (2012PR10)Mr Pushpendra singh chauhan (2012PR12) 65,000.00
8 Dr Jagdish Chandra, MED B.Tech project on Design and development of flying Robots for real time experiments Mr Ankit Srivastava (20103048)Mr Aditya Ritesh (20104083)Mr Amran Attanayake (20103139)Mr Devam Srivastava (20103059)Mr Devendra Singh (20103046) 82,000.00
Total 10,20,970.00

Table-3 : Office Order No. 214/R&C/13-14 Dated 02-12-2013

S. N. Name of the faculty members Project/Thesis Title Name & Reg. No of students Sanctioned Amount (`)
1. Dr. Ashish N. Sawarkar B.Tech project on “Feasibility of lonic liquids as Potential Lubricant Additives” Ms. Shalvi Jain (20100057)Mr. JyotiSingh (20100017)Mr. Karan Kamal, (20106035)Ms. Isha Jeph (20109004) 1,05,000.00
2. Dr. Naresh Kumar,Physics Dept. Ph.D. Thesis on “Synthesis and study of laser ablated magnetic /metallic/semiconducting nanostructures ” Mr. Amit Srivastava , (2013RPH02) 4,40,000.00
3. Dr. Animesh Kumar Ojha, Physics Dept. Ph.D. Thesis on “ Study on synthesis ,optical and magnetic properties of multi-layer graphene and its transition metals doped nano composites ” Mr. Sumeet Kumar, (2010RPH54) 2,00,000.00
4. Dr. Arvind Agarwal, Physics Dept. Ph.D. Thesis on “ Estimation of size of nanoparticles by various techniques: A comparative study ” Mr. Anand Kumar Tripahti (2009RPH57) and Mr. Mohan Chandra Mathpal, (2010RPH52) 3,50,000.00



Table 4: Office Order No. 203/R&C/13-14 Dated 25-11-2013

Sl. No. Name of the Faculty Members Title of Project Name of Department Amount


Prof. A.K. Singh Ph.D. Thesis on “Vehicle routing and scheduling in solid waste collection systems using GIS Technology” Mr. Yadvendra Pratap Singh (2013 RGI 01)


Ph.D. Thesis on “Geospatial system for integrated watershed managment and sustainable development of Vindhyanchal region” Ms. Anubha Topno (2010RGI 01)



Dr. Varun Singh Ph.D. Thesis on “ Fomalization, modelling and geo-simulation of emergency response of fire department of Allahabad city” Mr. Mainak Bandyopadhyay(2012RGI02)



Mr. Ramji Dwivedi M. Tech Thesis on “A study on monitoring of vertical motion using GPS” Mr. Vineet Singh, (2012GI21)


M. Tech Thesis on “A study of recurring mass movements using Sta MPs technique” Mr. Ashutosh Tiwari (2012GI18)


Total :


 Table 5: Office Order No. 146/R&C/13-14 Dated 02-09-2013

Sl. No. Name of the Faculty Members Title of Project Name of Department Amount


Dr. Sushil Kumar, CHED “Extraction of metals ions from aqueous solutions using ionic liquid (green solvents)” Chemical Engineering



*Dr. Anjana Pandey “Isolation and characterisation of H2 producing microbes & optimization of pretreatment procedures for solubilisation of / lignocellulosic wastes” Biotechnology



*Dr. Ashutosh Mani “Comparative study on microarray based expression porfiling of t rancriptome for revealing the mechanism of heavy metal toxicity tolerance in plants” Biotechnology



*Dr. Radha Rani “Rhizoremediation of heavy metal contaminated soil” Biotechnology



*Dr. Ambak Kumar Rai “Study to investigate the function of CD6 on actue T cell lymphoblastic leukemia” Biotechnology



*Dr. Sameer Srivastava “Engineering of heterologous biosynthetic pathway in E coli for over production of lignans” Biotechnology



*Dr. Sanjay Kumar “Bioelecticity generation from waste using microbial fuel cells” Biotechnology



Dr. Shweta Tripathi “Fabrication of nanostructured bioelectrode” Electronics & Communication



Dr. Yogendra Kumar Prajapati “Design of bio-sensors using metal clad for sensing application” Electronics & Communication Engg.



Dr. P. Karuppanan “Embedded FPGA controller based active power line conditioners for industrial electronics” Electronics & Communication Engg.



Mr. Vishwajeet Pratap Singh “Risk based assessent of contaminated soil and remediation selection protocol” Civil Engineering


Total :


Table 2: 137/TEQIP-II/Innovative Research/2014

S. N.
P.I. Name
Name of Department
Project/Thesis Title
1 Dr. Nand Kr. Singh Biotechnology Improvement of food grain for nutritional quality and evaluation of herbal plant extract for disease prevention 5,00,000.00
2 Dr. Vishnu Agrawal Biotechnology Candida albicious and P. Acruginosa biofilm formation and interaction with
medically implantable device strategies using nanoparticles and development of inhibition
3 Dr. Manisha Sachan Biotechnology Genetic and epigenetic analysis of cdk2 Filip Land SALL2 genes in Ovarian cancer 5,00,000.00
4 Dr. Sangeeta Negi Biotechnology Production of Biosurfacant by locally isolated Microorganisms using Petroleum Industry
Waste as Substrate and its Puricication, Characterization and applications
5 Dr. Shivesh Sharma Biotechnology Utilizing Rhzosphere Techonology for Biorestoration of Degraded land 5,00,000.00
6 Dr. Seema Nara Biotechnology Developing Enzyme linked immunosorbent Assay for Androstenedione 5,00,000.00
7 Dr. Shweta Tripathi CSED Effect of deposition parameters on the performance of 8i/ZnO heterojuction devices
prepared by RF magnetron sputtering technique.
8 Dr. Divya Kumar CSED Stock Market Sentiment Analysis 4,00,000.00
9 Dr. Ranvijay CSED Stock Market Sentiment Mining 4,00,000.00
10 Dr. Sonam Agrawal GIS CELL Maping of Infrastructural facilities from High Resolution Satellite data 4,50,000.00
11 Dr. Ram Ji Dwivedi GIS CELL A Study of crustal deformation deformation monitoring using PS – In SAR approach 2,00,000.00
12 Dr. Manohar Yadav GIS CELL Development of Software package for DEM generation and road extractino using LiDAR
13 Dr. K.N. Pandey MED Specimen preparation for fatigue crack growth test using wire EDM machine
characterization of welded samoles tha MNNIT and CIR MNNIT Allahabad
Total 50,19,500.00


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