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Sl. No. Package Name Department Package Code  No. Amount
1. Mathworks Suite of Solutions Mechanical Engineering TEQIP-II/MNNIT/98 Rs. 50,43,084.00
2. eBooks (SPRINGER Package) Central Library TEQIP-II/MNNIT/38 EURO 62,397.00
3. eBooks (CAMBRIDGE Package) Central Library TEQIP-II/MNNIT/37 Rs. 26,43,533.00
4. eBooks (EMERALD Package) Central Library TEQIP-II/MNNIT/96 GBP 8952.00
5. Electro-Physiological Amplifiers and Bio Mechanical Sensors Applied Mechanics TEQIP-II/MNNIT/8 Rs. 16,75,678.00
6. Upright Solid Door freezer Applied Mechanics TEQIP-II/MNNIT/10  Rs. 76,000.00
7. Programmable Function Generator Electrical Engineering TEQIP-II/MNNIT/63 Rs.  90,024.00
8. LCR Meter Electrical Engineering TEQIP-II/MNNIT/64  Rs. 3,56,165.00
9. True RMS Multimeter Electrical Engineering TEQIP-II/MNNIT/47 Rs. 74,400.00
10. AVR Microcontroller Development Board interfacing modules with RFID Solutions Electronics & Communication Engineering TEQIP-II/MNNIT/25 Rs.  5,36,167.00
11. Universal IC Tester Electronics & Communication Engineering TEQIP-II/MNNIT/27 Rs. 58,000.00
12. ARM Processor and GSM Board Electronics & Communication Engineering TEQIP-II/MNNIT/26 Rs.  6,39,000.00
13. UPS Electronics & Communication Engineering TEQIP-II/MNNIT/57 Rs. 1,90,500.00
14. Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrometer Civil Engineering TEQIP-II/MNNIT/23  Rs. 3,90,000.00


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