Dr.Nand Kumar Singh

Dr.Nand Kumar  Singh

Associate Professor
Department of Biotechnology
Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, Prayagraj, India-211004
E-mail: nksingh[at]mnnit[dot]ac[dot]in
Telephone: 05322271236(O) 05322271723(R) 9794049630(M)

Thesis Supervised

S.No Research Topic Name of Student Completion/Registration Year
Ph.D. Completed:
1Rhizobacterial diversity of Calotropis sp. and its use in rhizoremediation.Dr. Keshav Prasad Shukla 2012
2Enhancement of bioavailable micronutrients Iron and Zinc in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) through reduction of phytic acid Dr. Raj Kishor Gupta 2015
3Isolation and characterization of potential phytase for nutritional quality improvement Dr. Shivraj Singh Gangoliya 2016
4Plant growth promotion and disease suppression in pigeon pea through plant microbes interaction Dr. Ashish Tiwari 2016
5Molecular characterization of early and late flowering mutant of Pusa Basmati rice for quality improvementDr. Manjoo Rani 2018
6Combinational role of herbal and dietary phytochemicals for anti-cancer activitiesDr. Alok Kumar Yadav2018
7Molecular Profiling and NGS Analysis for Identification of Molecular Subtypes and Novel Genetic Signatures in Sporadic CRCs Dr. Manish Pratap Singh2020
8Study of low and high phytic acid major cereal crops and its use for health benefit Dr. Preeti Sirohi2021
9A study on micronutrient movement, storage and signaling for abiotic stress tolerance and bio fortification in rice (Oryza sativa L.) Ms.Shadma Afzal2023
Ph.D. Ongoing
1Bioprospecting of algal strains native to river Ganges, using a multi-criteria analysis: Potential to produce lipid and value-added compounds.Ms.Nidhi Chaudhary2019
2Characterization rice floral transition and seed characters for biofortification prospectivesMs. Monalisha Mishra2021
3Comprehensive evaluation of quality improvement of black wheat under climatic change condition Ms. Nidhi Shukla (JRF)2022
4Bioprospecting of fresh water and marine microalgae derived high value compounds Ms.Mariyam Fatima2022
5Bioprocessing strategies for microbial value added compound production and purificationMr. Ashish Yadav (JRF)2022
6Genetic study for flowering behavior and nutritional quality in Basamti rice Ms. Archana Patel (JRF)2023
M.Tech Students
1Development of TILLING Population for quality improvement in basmati rice Mr. Anuj Shukla2012
2Isolation and optimization phytase producing bacteria for industrial application Mr. Dharmendra Kumar Joshi 2012
3Collection and micropropogationan and extraction of secondary metabolites of lemon grass for various applications Mr. Kumar Avay 2012
4Anti-bacterial Biofilm development on medical implanting material.Ms. Jeevika 2012
5Quality improvement of Basmati rice (Oryza sativa L.) using TILLING PopulationMs. Manjoo Rani 2013
6Reduction of celiac disease related gluten protein (α glidin) from bread wheatMs. Prerna Singh2013
7Development of single-cell suspension culture for response to salt stressMs. Rajpreet Kaur2013
8Isolation and screening of polyunsaturated fatty acid-producing microbes and mutants of Pusa Basmati rice (Oryza sativa L.) Ms. Deepa Sachan2014
9Gene expression analysis bioactive component and grain shape mutant of Pusa Basmati rice by microarray. Ms. T. Sharmila Raj2015
10Mechanism of antibacterial activity of Dichloromethane extract of Cledodendron phlomidis plant on Bacillus licheniformisMs. Manisha Rani2016
11Reduction of neurotoxin β-ODAP from Lathyrus sativa reducing the risk of lathyrismMr. Saurab Sarasawt2017
12Alleviation of Chromium phytotoxicity by exogenous application of Silica Nanoparticles in Rice (Oryza sativa L) seedlingMs.Aishwarya Sharma2018
13Effect of green synthesis on Zinc Oxide nanoparticles for biomedical applicationMs.Anisha2018
14Nanoparticle mediated germination enhancement and translocation of micronutrient in rice seedlingMs.Deepa Sharma2020
15Anti bacterial peptides from probiotic bacteria as alternative medicineMs. Seetha Lakshmi S2021
16Study of programme cell death endosperm development for yields improvement in Basmati riceMs. Pooja Yadav, Mr. Ojasya Vaish , Ms. Achal Kanodia & Mr. Prasant Mishra2012
17Screening of low ß- ODAP mutant in Lathyrus sativa LPuja Rani2018
18Exploring of microbial community as decomposer for agricultural wasteMr. Chandan Kumar2021
19Fe and Zn Nano Particle mediated mineral enhancement in rice seedMs. Richa Prasar2022
20Study on plant architecture against salinity stress in early flowering mutant rice (Oryza sativa L.)Ms. Shubhadarsani Sahoo2023
21Improvement of black wheat by EMS mutation approach to increase their yield and qualityMr. Pitrush Durve2023
22Whole genome sequence analysis in rice for grain quality characters Ms. Kamini 2022
B.Tech Students
1Analysis to identify the genes responsible for quality and quantity of cellulose of RILs population in wheat strawMs. Spoorthi Singh 2010
2Identification and characterization of phytase producing bacteria for functionalization of food grains Mr. Susant Shukla and Mr. Sumanta Layak2010
3Screening of barley ( Hordium vulgare L.) germplasms on the basis of α amylase activity for malt production Mr. Abhisekh & Mr. Aman Kumar 2011
4Bioprospecting of phytase and Phytase producing bacterial for enhancement of bioavailability of micronutrients in food grains.Mr. Om Rai Sagar & Ms. Priya2011
5Screening of Barley germplasms for high salt toleranceMr. Puspesh Singh Mr. Akash Shukla &Ms. Sujata Singh2013
6Screening of high amylose content diabetes friendly basmati rice (Oryza sativa L.) from mutant populationMs. Meghna Saha & Mr. Akash Kumar2014
7Study ocular toxicity Euphorbia plant latex on Rohu fish eye.Mr.Diviyanshu Tiwari Mr. Sita Ram Meena & Mr. Rajat Awasthi2015
8Study on morphological, biochemical, and microarray-based gene expression analysis during the development of rice caryopsisMr. Pradeep Yadav Mr.Pramod Yadav & Mr. Srinivas2016
9Conversion of waste food and agro-waste in to animal feedsMs. Akansha Tripati 2017
10Generation of electricity using crop plant and ornamental plantAmar Singh Varma2018
11Micropropagation of Banana and genome annotation and structure prediction for hypothetical protein in Agrobacterium tumefaciens str. EHA105Satyendra Kumar Prajapati2018
12Early-stage sex determination test in Papaya Kum.Somya & Jyotisri Maurya2019
13Determination of antiurolithiatic activity of phytic acid and formulation of kidney stone inhibitory smart food” Ruchi 2019
14Engineered Plant virus and phytochemical used to control SARSCoV2 human virus.Nitesh Saini & Uttam Kumar2020
15Exploring of candidate inhibitory molecules against COVID 19 (SARS-CoV-2 ) from natural sources Abhishekh Kr. Yadav2021
16 Study of genetic an environment interaction of COVID 19 susceptibility in Indian personsShruti Jain2021
17Associations study of Socioeconomic, human health and nutritional disparity with COVID 19 infection in IndiaIsha Yadav,Himanshu Kumar and Rahul Rachapally 2021