Prof. Sadhana Sachan

Prof. Sadhana Sachan

Department of Chemical Engineering
Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, Prayagraj, India-211004
E-mail: sadhanas[at]mnnit[dot]ac[dot]in
Telephone: 0532-2271582(O) 0532-2271658(R)

Present Appointments Held

Departmental Convener NBA and Infrastructure committee
Convener, Departmental Faculty Advisory Committee
Officer In-Charge: Mass Transfer Laboratory

Past Appointments Held

Convener of various Departmental committees: DPGC, DDPC, DDSC, DLDC, DIDTC, NBA, DFAC, DPC etc.
Officer In-Charge: Fluid Particle Mechanics & Mechanical Operation Lab, 2009-2012
Development of Mass Transfer Laboratory, 2010-2012
Development of Fluid Particle Mechanics & Mechanical Operation (FPM & MO) Lab, 2009-2011
Convener, Chemical Engineering Laboratories (2008-2012).
Dy. Chief Proctor (Girls) [2017-2018]
Head, Chemical Engineering Department, MNNIT Allahabad [2014-2016]
Warden In-Charge, KNGH & SNGH, MNNIT Allahabad [2008-2012]
Warden, Girls Hostel, BIET Jhansi [2001-2002 & 2006-2007]
Head, Chemical Engineering Department, BIET Jhansi [2000-2002]