Dr. Indu Dohare

Dr. Indu Dohare

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, Prayagraj, India-211004
E-mail: indudohare[at]mnnit[dot]ac[dot]in
Telephone: 9971853562(O)

Research Publications

Book Chapter:

Dohare, Indu, and Karan Singh. "Lightweight Trust Evaluation in IoT: Bio-Inspired Metaheuristic Approach." In Cloud IoT, pp. 243-255. Chapman and Hall/CRC.


Dohare, Indu, Karan Singh, Ali Ahmadian, and Senthil kumar Mohan. "Certificateless Aggregated Signcryption Scheme (CLASS) for Cloud-Fog Centric Industry 4.0." IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 18, no. 9 (2022): 6349-6357.
Dohare, Indu, and Karan Singh. "Green communication in sensor-enabled IoT: integrated physics inspired meta-heuristic optimization-based approach." Wireless Networks 26 (2020): 3331-3348.
Dohare, Indu, Karan Singh, Bruno A. Pansera, Ali Ahmadian, and Massimiliano Ferrara. "Modified sailfish optimization for energy efficient data transmission in IOT based sensor network." Annals of Operations Research (2022): 1-31.
Dohare, Indu, and Karan Singh. "PSO-DEC: PSO based deterministic energy efficient clustering protocol for IoT." Journal of Discrete Mathematical Sciences and Cryptography 22.8 (2019): 1463-1475.

Conference Proceedings:

Indu Dohare, Karan Singh, “DEC-GA Genetic Algorithm based Deterministic Energy Efficient Clustering Protocol for IoT”, 1st international conference on Network and Cryptology, June 2019.
Indu Dohare and Karan Singh, “Fuzzy Logic based Energy-Efficient Trust Evaluation Scheme in Sensor-Cloud Assisted Industry 4.0”, 2nd international conference on Network and Cryptology, December 2020.