Assistant Professor
Department of Biotechnology
Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, Prayagraj, India-211004
E-mail: radharani[at]mnnit[dot]ac[dot]in
Telephone: +915322271240(O) NA(R) 08126936411(M)

Research Publications


1. A novel composition for surface modification of anode for electrochemical application, Patent application no. temp/e- 1/19694/2019- del, Date of filing: 10/05/2019 2. A multimodular Microbial Fuel Cell, Patent application no. 202011055658 dated Dec 21, 2020.


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Book Chapter:

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Conference Proceedings:

1. Verma S, Singh AP, Radha Rani, Sharma S, Dubey K. (2014) Assessment of Microbial Community and Soil Enzyme Activity of Coal Mine Dumps of Sonbhadra Uttar Pradesh, India. Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in Bio-Informatics, Bio-Technology and Environmental Engineering, 1-2 June, 2014, London, UK ISBN: 978-1-63248-009-5 2. Radha Rani, A. Juwarkar (2015) Effect of presence of pesticides in growth medium on the exudation behaviour of plants: A study with phorate (an organophosphate insecticide) and Pisum sativum. International Conference on Biological, Environment and Food Engineering (BEFE-2015), May 15-16, 2015 Singapore. ISBN 978-93-84422-19-6, doi: http://dx.doc.org/10.15242/IICBE.CO515009. 3. Geetanjali, Bharadwaj K.R., Kumar S, Radha Rani (2015) Effect of chamber volume, electrode material and cation exchange membrane on performance of Microbial Fuel Cell. International Conference on Advances in Energy Research (ICAER 2015), Dec 15-17, IIT Bombay, India.