Dipesh Shikchand Patle

Dipesh Shikchand Patle

Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, Prayagraj, India-211004
E-mail: dipesh-patle[at]mnnit[dot]ac[dot]in
Telephone: 05322271591(O)

Other Academic Achievements

Keynote Address/Invited Talks in Conferences & Workshops:

Delivered an invited talk at the short-term course (STC) organized by BIET Jhansi in July 2019.
Delivered a special talk at the Faculty Development Program (FDP) organized by Harcourt Butler Technical University (HBTU) Kanpur in August 2018.
Conducted a workshop on Chemical Process Simulation using Aspen Plus at VIT Vellore on September 03, 2016.
Invited speaker for VII International Conference on "Sustainable Energy and Environmental Challenges (VII SEEC)", organized by Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, India, under the auspices of International Society for Energy, Environment and Sustainability, December 16-18, 2022.

Chair in Conferences:

Part of International Scientific Committee of ICENV 2021, Malaysia.
Session Chair for BioSangam 2022 “an International Conference on Emerging Trendsin Biotechnology” , organized by the Department of Biotechnology, MNNIT Allahabad, March 10-12, 2022.
Session Chair for an international conference ‘Advances in Chemical and Environmental Engineering (ACEE-2021)”, December 16-17, 2021, NIT Raipur.
Session Chair for an international conference ‘First International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering & Material Science, ICAMEMS-2022, January 22-24, 2022, VIT Vellore.

Award and Honors:

Received a prestigious Young Scientist Award from Venus International Foundation on August 11, 2018.
Received Sanggar Sanjung Award 2014 (Journal Publication 2014) from Universiti Sains Malaysia.
Received Erasmus Mundus Post Doctoral Fellowship at Politecnico Di Milano, Italy in 2016.
Entry Operator Training Simulator was selected as one of the finalists for the Training and Development Award in IChemE Singapore Awards in 2016.
Achieved full financial support for pursuing Doctor of Philosophy and obtained Graduation on Time award (GOT) from Universiti Sains Malaysia.
Achieved first prize in an international level paper presentation at COLLISION 2006 held at DDU Nadiad.
Guest Editor for a special issue of Chemical Product and Process Modeling (De-Gruyter) journal.
Guest Editor for a special issue ‘Chem-conflux20’ of Journal of Indian Chemical Society.
Chemical Engineering Open Access Journal (SOAOJ) [https://soaoj.com/editorial-board-chemical-engineering/]

Conferences/ Workshops/Symposium/ Short-term Courses Organized:

Organizing member for an International conference, TECHNOSCAPE 2016 at VIT Vellore held during 20-21 October 2016.
Convener/Technical Chair for an International conference, Energy and Environmental Technologies for Sustainable Development (CHEM-CONFLUX20), held during February 14-16, 2020.
Organizing secretary for a national conference on, Industrial Applications of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, to be held/ held during November 15 - 16, 2019.
Coordinator for a five days short term course, Industrial Applications of Heat Transfer Operations, from Oct 10-14, 2018 at MNNIT Allahabad.
Coordinator and Treasurer for a five days short term course, New Trends in Wastewater Treatment and its Reuse (NTWT - 2019), from March 12-16, 2019 at MNNIT Allahabad.
Coordinator for a one and half months summer workshop, Research Aspects in Chemical Engineering (RACE– 2019), from May 24-July 06, 2019 at MNNIT Allahabad.
Acted as a publicity head in First National Process Control Colloquium 2013 (NCPC 2013) organized by a process control research group, School of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia.
Convener/Technical Chair for an International conference, Technological Interventions for Sustainability(CHEM-CONFLUX22), held during April 14-16, 2022.

On-going Projects:

Direct Biodiesel Synthesis from Microalgae Through In Situ Transesterification using Homogeneous Catalyst [1001/PJKIMIA/8014100] from USM Malaysia as Co-PI (project cost: MYR 70000) {Duration: 2 years}
Novel Ionic Liquid based Nano-photocatalytic Conversion of WCO into Biodiesel and Triacetin under Synergic Effects of Cavitation & Microwave: A Holistic Technique for Improved Economics with Reduced Damage to Environment and Safety [CRG/2022/000825] from SERB as PI (project cost: 47 Lacs) {Duration: 3 years}

Projects Completed:

In Situ Biodiesel Production from Microalgae using Ultrasonic Assisted Reactor [ECR/2016/001866] from SERB as PI (project cost: 9.71 Lacs) {Duration: 3 years}
Ultrasound Assisted In Situ Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Production form Microphytes: A Dry Route Approach vs a Wet Route Approach [TEQIP-III) as PI (project cost: 2.00 Lacs) {Duration: 1 year}
Direct Biodiesel Synthesis from Microalgae Through In Situ Transesterification using Homogeneous Catalyst [Seed Grant] as PI (project cost: 2.85 Lacs) {Duration: 1 year}


Worked in a team on ‘design, modeling, simulation and cost analysis of CO2 removal from synthesis gas using mixed amine solution’. [TNB Research Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia (259519-A) – A wholly owned subsidiary of TNB RESEARCH SDN. BHD] Duration: From Jan 13 to April 13
Modeling and analysis of fitted piping network for oxygen gas flow at SRN Allahabad

Expert Lectures:

Delivered a special talk organized by Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (VIT Chapter) at VIT Vellore in November 2015.
Invited speaker for 5-day Faculty Development Program (FDP) on “Research and publication ethics”, organized by Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow Campus, June 12-16, 2023.
Invited Speaker for National workshop on “Research Methodology and Current Trends in Research” (RMCTR-2023), organized by AKS University (MP), India, March 27–31, 2023.
Resource Person” for the five-day Online Faculty Development Program (e-FDP) on “Sustainable Manufacturing Management" organized by the Department of Chemical and Civil Engineering, D. Y. Patil Institute of Engineering, Management & Research, July 11-15, 2022.
Invited Talk on ‘Higher Education and Research opportunities for Chemical Engineers’ at TKIET Warnanagar Oct 04, 2022.
Resource Person” for a Short Term Course on System Design, Optimization and Control, orhanized at MNIT Jaipur, March 11-15, 2022.

Other Significant Achievements:

Edited a book on "Control and Safety Analysis of Intensified Chemical Pocesses", 2023, Wiley (in press) [ISBN: 9783527352623].
AN IONIC LIQUID-BASED NANO-PHOTOCATALYST AND A METHOD OF PREPARATION THEREOF, Patent (Patent Application No.: 202311049944; Filed: 2023-07-25; Published: 2023-09-15)