Keynote Speaker

Prof. Sara Paiva

Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo Portugal

Sara Paiva is an Associate Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, a PhD in Informatics Engineering from University of Vigo in 2011 and a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Oviedo, under advanced driving assistants. Her main line of research is smart inclusive mobility in smart cities. She is currently Vice-Chair of the IEEE Smart Cities Marketing Committee, Editor in Chief of EAI Endorsed Transaction on Smart Cities, Associate Editor in several IF journals such as MONET and WINET and member of the Editorial Board of the 5.2 IF International Journal of Sustainable Cities and Society. She is General Co-Chair of the EAI International Convention on Smart Cities 360ยบ since the 2020 edition and is part of the Organizing Committee of IEEE Smart Cities 2021. She acts as Scientific Evaluator of Individual Scientist Project Proposals for Fundamental and Applied Research for the Latvian Council of Science, she is Founding Fellow of AI Live Talks, in partnership with IEEE. She is also editor of books with Springer, CRC Press, Cambridge Scholar, and special issues in several impact factor journals. She has authored and co-authored several scientific publications in journals and conferences and is a frequent reviewer of international journals and international conferences.

Title of the Talk: Smart Mobility: Trends, challenges and future directions.

Abstract of the Talk: In the last decades, we have witnessed an exponential demographic growth of cities, which substantially increases the difficulties of urban planning in terms of mobility, which presents itself as an emerging challenge in all countries. Whether in terms of transport or pedestrian navigation, mobility has taken on a new dimension and represents a problem to which many researchers respond, focusing on the sustainable development of cities. Infrastructures and city design are constantly changing to respond to the daily displacement needs of millions of people from the outskirts to city centers. Sustainable development will be difficult to achieve with the large number of private vehicles as well as with the current public transport network. This talk will focus the major trends, challenges and future directions of smart mobility.