Helpdesk for a student who has been assigned a seat at MNNIT Allahabad, Prayagraj, J.K. Institute of Applied Physics and Technology, Allahabad and Indian Institute of Carpet Technology, Bhadohi.
  1. 3rd One Week Short Term Course on Advances in Power Technologies (APT-2020) from December 14 - 18, 2020, Organized by Department of Electrical Engineering, MNNIT Allahabad.
  2. Short Term Course on Future trends in Wide Area-based Power Systems Control and Protection (WACP-2020)  , from October13-17, 2020 organized by Electrical Engineering Department.
  3. Short Term Course on Structural Integrity and Reliability (SIR 2020) from October 28 - November 01, 2020 is organised by Mechanical Engineering Department MNNITA.
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  4. Short Term Course on "Design of Water Retaining Structure (DWRS-2020)" from November 23–28, 2020, organized by the Civil Engineering Department. [Registration form ]
  5. An Online One Week Short Term Course on "Power Electronics and Renewable Integration for Consumer Applications (PERICA-2020)", September 16th to 20th,2020.(Last date for registration extended till 15/09/2020 and No short listing criteria- All the applications will be considered.)

    Lecture schedule of "Power Electronics and Renewable Integration for Consumer Applications (PERICA-2020)", September 16th to 20th,2020.

  6. A self-finance short term course on “Safety Aware Peaceful Life in COVID-19 (SAPLC- 2020): A Computer Science Perspective” organized by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering scheduled on 28th July– 02nd August, 2020. Last Date to Receive Online Registrations: 27th July, 2020. For Detailed Information [Click Here ]
  7. Five days Online Workshop on Emerging IT Technologies, May 29-Jun -02, 2020.
  8. TEQIP-III Sponsored Five days Online Workshop cum Faculty Development Program on Data Sciences, May 04-08, 2020. [Jointly Organized by MNNIT Allahabad & KNIT, Sultanpur].
  9. ATAL Online Faculty Development on Artificial Intelligence  May 18-22, 2020.
  10. ATAL Online Faculty Development on Artificial Intelligence  May 04-08, 2020.
  11. ATAL Online Faculty Development on Artificial Intelligence  May 11-15, 2020.
  12. ATAL Online   Faculty Development on Artificial Intelligence  April 27 - May 01, 2020.
  13. One week  self financed course on" Foundation: Analysis Design and Construction Technique (FACT-2020)".
  14. A one week online ISEA-II sponsored Faculty Development Program (FDP) on Information Security and Privacy 2020 (ISP 2020) organized by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, rescheduled on 26th – 30th May, 2020. Last Date to Receive Applications: 24th May, 2020. For Detailed Information. [click here] [Shortlisted candidate list of ISP 2020][Registration Closed]  [The scheduled FDP on ISP 2020, during 13th -17th March, 2020, was postponed due to COVID 19 pandemic.]
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  15. Short Term Training Program on Data Analytics and its Applications in Management (STTP-DAAM) to be organized by SMS MNNIT Allahabad from 04/02/2020 to 08/02/2020. [APPLICATION FORM]
  16. Self-Financed Short-term Course on “Resilient Operation and Control of Microgrid (ROC-μG)” January 6-10, 2020 Organized by Department of Electrical Engineering Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad.
  17. Workshop on Author Development Workshop from November 30 to December 04, 2019 Organized by: School of Management Studies.

  19. GIAN Program on Econometric Techniques for Research in Management and Social Sciences, from 25 to 29 November 2019, organized by School of Management Studies.

  20. Short Term Training Programme on “Structural Integrity and Reliability"  from December 23 to 27, 2019 Sponsored by TEQIP-III and Jointly Organized by Mechanical Engineering Department MNNIT Allahabad and KNIT, Sultanpur.
  21. AICTE Training And Learning  (ATAL) Academy  sponsored Programme on Block Chain to be held from September 16-20, 2019. [Registration Form]
  22. Short Term Training Program on Developing Massive Open Online Courses Sponsored under TEQIP-III Project
  23. Self-Financed Short Term Course on, 'Numerical and Optimization Techniques (NOT-2019)’, from November 08 -12, 2019.
  24. Self- financed Short Term Course on Food and health biotechnology solutions to life: An improved way to living (FHBS- 2019) 20-26 December, 2019.
  25. Work shop on INGSA Science Advice on Nutrition and Health during December 17-18, 2019 at MNNIT Allahabad.
  26. Short Term Course " Design of Water Retaining   Structure (DWRS)" which is going to be organized on October 14-18 2019.
  27. A Workshop on “NBA Accreditation: Regulations and Procedure" on July 27, 2019 Sponsored by TEQIP-III, Jointly Organized by MNNIT Allahabad & KNIT, Sultanpur.
  28. Short Term Training Program on Publishing Research in High-Value Journals during July 30 - August 03, 2019, Organized by School of Management Studies, MNNIT Allahabad.
  29. One week short term course on Numerical techniques for scientific computations (NTSC-2019) during july 15-19,2019 jointly organised by Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities, KNIT, Sultanpur and Department of mathematics , MNNIT, Allahabad.
  30. InSAR: Theory, Processing and Application form August 12- 16, 2019. [Registration form ]
  31. GIAN course on "Interface between Nanoparticles and Living Systems : Ethical and Translational Dimensions" scheduled during July 15 - 26 , 2019.